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Back Ice Wraps

Pro Ice Back Cold WrapIce Wraps for Chronic Back Pain Relief, Back Pain Associated With Injuries, and Much More. has the back ice wraps, back cold packs and lumbar pain relief you need for recovery from injury to the back. We offer a large selection of back cold packs and back soft gel wraps from all the best brands including ColdOne, Cool Relief, Pro Ice, Recover Gear, Total Ice Therapy, Trainers Pick and more.  Our back cold wraps and back cold packs help with both upper back pain and swelling and lower back pain and swelling. All of the back cold wraps we offer provide instant relief for pain and swelling in the upper and lower back areas with excellent lumbar support. We have both flexible cold packs and soft gel cold packs for the back and most of these high quality and versatile cold wraps will conform comfortably to any individual. Get back to what you love to do, get rid of your back pain. Order a back ice wrap from Cool Relief!

Large Reusable 5 in1 Ice Wrap, Gel Pack by Trainers Pick
Made In USA Ice Wrap
This reusable ice wrap can be used as a knee ice pack, shoulder ice pack, hip...
Large Universal NeoWrap Ice Pack by Icy Cools
Treat back, knee, or shoulder pain with the large Neowrap ice pack by Icy Cools
Lower Back Ice Pack by Pro Series
Made In USA Ice Wrap
For chronic back pain, bulging discs
Product is out of stock
Universal Ice Pack, Cold Wrap for Back
Made In USA Ice Wrap
For use on back, thigh, knee, shin, calf, hamstring, etc.
PI 400 Multipurpose Ice Wrap by Pro Ice
This cold wrap is the ideal pain reliever with general cold therapy to almost...
PI 400 Multipurpose Ice Wrap for Back by Pro Ice
Made In USA Ice Wrap
Multipurpose ice wrap for upper and lower back areas
PI 700 Lumbar Lower Back Cold Therapy Wrap by Pro Ice
Made In USA Ice Wrap
For lumbar support and relief
Soft Gel Back Ice Pack by Cool Relief
Made In USA Ice Wrap
For chronic back pain, post-surgical swelling, bulging discs
Back Ice Wrap by Cold One
Made In USA Ice Wrap
This back ice wrap is great for treatment of chronic back pain, overworked...

     Get the back ice wrap you deserve! Whether you have chronic back pain, or have experienced back trauma, find the best ice wraps for the back, right here at Cool Relief. With our soft gel back ice wraps, and our segmented ice insert cold wraps, we are sure to have a back ice pack to help with your recovery process. Not sure which product is best for your pain? Check out our Information About Back Pain in our Pain Relief Health Articles or find manufacturer information in the Cool Relief Brands section.