Ankle Ice Pack - Cool Relief Ice Wraps

Effectively relieve pain and swelling from ankle injuries with the Ankle Ice Wrap, Cold Pack by Cool Relief. Cool Relief ice wraps ensure a faster and safer recovery with high quality materials so you can get back to activity faster.

This ankle ice wrap is designed to effortlessly relieve pain and swelling in the ankle with lightweight compression. Fitting like an open boot, this product wraps around both the upper foot and ankle area for an improved recovery. Like other Cool Relief products this lightweight and durable ankle wrap lasts longer, providing multiple icing sessions without several trips to the freezer.

Adjustable elastic straps provide compression for an improved recovery. Cool Relief's segmented ice inserts are lighter weight than gel with more coverage. Perfect for recovery from multiple injuries.

  • 1 Micro Mesh Machine Washable Soft Ankle Wrap
  • 1 Reusable Ankle Ice Pack Insert Set
  • Can be worn on both right and left ankle for universal icing
  • Removable flexible ice inserts, allows for continuous cold by rotating ice inserts from freezer to wrap
  • Long lasting machine washable cloth wrap for years of use
  • Thick elastic straps provides soft and comfortable compression to the ankle
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