Refreezable Ice Sheets 3 pack by FlexiFreeze - Cool Relief Ice Wraps

Refreezable Ice Sheets 3 pack by FlexiFreeze

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Cut your own shape ice pack with out cuttable reusable ice pack sheets. Segemented to stay flexible when frozen, this ice pack has many options to keep things cold.

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Flexifreeze Ice Sheets are the convenient and economical replacement for soggy bags of ice. Flexifreeze can be cut to just the right size and is flexible when frozen. Store Flexifreeze Ice Sheets in your freezer and it's ready to use whenever you need it. Forget the trip to the local convenience store for bags of ice that leave your cooler a soggy mess. Flexi Freeze Ice is made from 100% pure water and can be frozen over and over again.

  • Cut into your own shape for a DIY Ice Pack
  • Reusable and Lightweight
  • Stays Cold For Up To 2 Hours
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