Reusable Gel Ice Packs
Soft Gel Eye Ice Pack

Soft Gel Eye Ice Pack

Cool Relief

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* Hands-Free Icing Design

* Relieves Pain and Blocks light for Migraine relief

* Soft Gel Pack conforms to face

* Reusable and Long Lasting Cold

Similar to an ice mask, the Soft Gel Eye Ice Wrap features a removable soft gel insert for the ultimate comfort and pain relief. Unlike other ice masks that freeze solid, this soft gel pack will comfortably conform to the facial area with an adjustable elastic strap to provide hands free light compression therapy. This product features a micro-mesh and foam ice wrap sleeve for an extended therapy time allowing less time in the freezer, and more time relieving pain.

Product dimensions:

* Cool Relief Micromesh/Soft Foam Eye Sleeve (3"x10")

* Removable Reusable Gel Insert (3"x10")

* Adjustable Elastic Strap (3"x10")

Common Uses

* Facial pain and swelling

* Migraine and headaches

* Sinus and allergy swelling

* Eye swelling

* Everyday bumps and bruises