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    Back Wraps

    No More Back Pain With Cool Relief Back Ice Wraps

    Bid goodbye to back pain and regain your freedom with back ice wraps designed to provide support and constant, comfortable compression and ice therapy to your back. Cool Relief offers a full range of ice packs for back pain to help you get instant pain relief and speed up recovery.

    Our ice packs for back also come with reusable all-in-one inserts that are designed to provide both ice and heat therapy.

      Who should use Cool Relief’s best back ice packs?

      • People with back pain resulting from tired muscles, muscle spasm, strains, overuse, poor posture, and other medical conditions such as slipped disc, bulging disc, etc.
      • People recovering from back surgery
      • Athletes who are susceptible to back injuries
      • Weightlifters who perform movements that increase the likelihood of back injury Come shop with Cool Relief and bid goodbye to your back pain and inflammation.