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    Soft Gel Shoulder Hot/Cold Wrap

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    Natural Pain Relief Soft Gel Ice Pack for Shoulder Rotator Cuff

    The Cool Relief shoulder wrap ice pack is designed with a soft cloth compression wrap that can be applied without a towel. Avoid dripping water or leaking ice bags! With Cool Relief, our covers help insulate and reduce condensation driving cold toward your shoulder for wearable relief.  Perfect for shoulder sprains, strains, and for post-surgery recovery. Reduce swelling and speed healing time meanwhile helping muscles recover after strenuous activity, injury, or surgical procedure.

    Universal & Hands-free Application
    The adjustable torso compression strap will fit people of all sizes and our hook-and-loop fasteners make this ice pack fit for hands-free application and a full range of movement. Ice on the go or on the couch can be worn while sitting, standing, or lying down, making it great for home or office use. The universal design can be used for right and left shoulders, one size fits all, comfortable, and long-lasting durability. Besides being used on your shoulders, it can be applied to the lower back, legs, or any other part that needs icing.

    Flexible Fit & Reusable Shoulder Cold Therapy
    This shoulder brace ice wrap stays fully soft and pliable when frozen, feel free to store in the freezer until you need it. Our gel packs do not require any plastic bags or special storage bags. Our gel packs never absorb freezer moisture or break down like imported gel packs.  The gel packs fit inside our cloth shoulder wrap and securely stay around your shoulders, bicep, and tricep, across your injured area and provide pain-relieving compression in addition to targeted cold therapy. 

    Use for Hot or Cold
    The gel pack can be removed from the cloth wrap and either cooled or heated. Warm the gel pack for soothing relief from overworked muscle.

    Certified Safe and Fully Guaranteed
    Cool Relief gel packs are made in the USA of a high tech proprietary medical grade gel solution that is long lasting and non toxic. With its unique design and fine craftsmanship, it would be the best ice pack you have used. In addition to our high quality products, the Cool Relief customer support team provides excellent after-sales support and services to customers worldwide. Messages or call us about anything and we will assist you in a timely and satisfactory manner. 



    Shoulder Ice Wrap Includes

    • 1 Soft Cloth Shoulder Compression Wrap
    • 1 Reusable Soft Gel Hot/Cold Pack