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Hot/Cold Knee Gel Wrap

Hot/Cold Knee Gel Wrap

Cool Relief

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Soft Gel Knee Ice Wrap and Heat Wrap


  • Effectively reduce pain and swelling to the entire knee area.
  • Wear on either the left or right knee for universal care.
  • Revolutionary soft gel ice pack insert is removable, reusable, durable, and is flexible
  • Features Cool Relief's Inner Focused Cooling Technology for faster and more efficient pain
  • Materials: Gel Ice Pack, Cloth Covering

Flexible and Reusable Knee Cold/Hot Wrap 

Developed for post surgical rehabilitation, the Cool Relief Soft Gel Cold & Hot Knee Wrap is the best solution for long lasting therapeutic ice or heat deep into soft tissue of the knee. The Cool Relief Knee Ice Pack is the last gel pack you will ever need, while many gel packs are heavy and don't last long, the Cool Relief Knee Ice Pack delivers cold therapy deep into the knee while also providing nice even compression. Our revolutionary gel packs use inner ice technology to stay cold longer than the competition while reaming portable and lightweight.

The Cool Relief Knee Wrap provides cold or heat therapy, giving you flexibility in your post surgical rehabilitation, or other injuries.  The Cool Relief Knee Ice Wrap includes our soft cloth compression sleeve and 1 long lasting reusable stay-flex gel packs providing full coverage of the knee.

Reduce pain and inflammation with a Cool Relief Hot / Cold Ice Pack.

Common Uses of the Cool Relief Knee Wrap:

Knee arthritis.
Generalized knee pain and swelling.
Iliotibial band friction syndrom
Post-operative pain and swelling.
Patellofemoral stress syndrome.
Pre-patellar bursitis..

Used in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics Nationwide. The Cool Relief Knee Cold & Hot Wrap provides therapeutic cryotherapy and soothing heat.


Durable soft cloth sleeve washable providing you years of relief.
3 inch wide easy to adjust elastic straps offering customized fit and strong compression.
Cool Relief's stay-flex long lasting hot & cold gel pack, stays flexible when frozen.

Medical Professionals recommend that after any surgery or soft tissue trauma, you need ice, compression, and elevation to help relieve the pain and manage the swelling in your knee.  The Cool Relief Knee Ice Pack, Hot Pack is the perfect at home or on the go solution to giving you the relief you need. 

Knee Pack is 11"x12" providing full coverage of the knee.


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