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    Soft Gel Hot/Cold Pack for Knee

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    ✔️ STAYS COLDER FOR LONGER … Blending frozen ice with special gel, stays cold for a full hour longer than competing cold pack wraps.

    ✔️FLEXIBLY SOFT EVEN WHEN FROZEN … The special elasto gel knee ice wrap stays soft and flexible when frozen.


    The Cool Relief Cryotherapy Knee Ice Pack delivers targeted relief with a professional-grade gel cold pack and comfortable compression cover.

    Whether you’re recovering from surgery, treating a knee injury, or managing pain after strenuous exercise, this is the best ice pack for instant soothing and lasting relief.

    Silky, breathable mesh fabric protects your skin against ice burn while delivering uninterrupted heat or cold therapy over your entire knee. The exterior of the wrap is made with soft, extra-thick fleece material that shields the gel pack to keep it cold. Easily adjust the ice pack over your knee, ankle, thigh, or elbow. Three-inch wide elastic straps stretch for the perfect fit with broad compression that helps to speed up the healing process. 

    Traditional gel packs and ice bars place excessive weight on the knee and turn into rigid blocks when frozen. The non-toxic Cool Relief cryotherapy gel packs are lightweight and easy to adjust, even after freezing, with a stay-flex formula that never hardens.

    The two-in-one gel pack easily heats up in the microwave within three minutes for effective heat therapy and stays cold for up to one hour after freezing for a minimum of two hours.


    • Reusable
    • Washable
    • Built to last

    Pair long-lasting cryotherapy and adjustable compression with elevation and rest for reduced pain, less swelling, and faster recovery.

    Take charge of your health and treat your body with the highest quality gel cold pack and compression wrap. The innovative stay-flex Cool Relief Knee Ice Pack is reusable, washable, and built to last for years of soothing relief.



    • 1 Soft Cloth Knee Compression Wrap
    • 1 Reusable Soft Gel Ice Pack