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About our Hot and Cold Therapy

Cool Relief – heat and ice wraps for back, knee, neck, ankles and more.

When it comes to injuries and pain, trade-offs are out of the question. Cool Relief's proprietary gel pack design stays colder for longer with the flexibility to move with you and your active lifestyle. Proper treatment of injuries will get you back to doing what you love whether it's running, biking, competitive sports or even walking your dog.

Nagging joints can drive you crazy and keep you from reaching your full potential. Cool Relief's cold and hot therapy systems will assist you in taking care of all the aches and pains that life brings. Sprained ankles, pulled muscles, and post-surgery recovery can be trying, but we are here to help.

When an injury has you down the effects of cold and hot therapy cannot be understated. Applying ice packs to various injuries reduces swelling and painful inflammation promoting healing and optimizing comfort. The same gel pack that ices your injury can also be heated up to relieve sore muscles and tension after a long day.

Our knowledge and extensive line of products ensure there is the solution you need for every joint and part that pains you whether it's your knee, back, hip, shoulder, hands/feet, jaw, or anything else we have the Cool Relief solution you need.

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