Shoulder Ice Wraps

Shoulder Ice Packs for Pain Soothing

When you have a pulled muscle or a bruise, the blood seeps into the subjacent tissues. This phenomenon causes swelling and soreness. Moreover, the treatment of contusions can continue for as long as curing strains or even fractures. There is a remedy, however, that helps to prevent such a reaction of the body if it is used in time. Ice therapy prevails over other treatment methods. Being the natural healing weapon, cold compress is extremely beneficial when applying to the injured area immediately.

Cool Relief is committed to coming up with effective shoulder wraps for home use. Unlike the improvised ice bags, our products are designed to be easy-to-use, practical and versatile. If you think that cold therapy means lying motionless for a long time, we will change your mind. We take great pains to keep your ability to move. These cold packs are bundled with soft sleeves and adjustable straps allowing for the flawless coverage without confining you to bed. Consequently, you do not have to worry about the improper fixing of a bandage.

Undeniable Benefits of Ice Pack for Shoulder

Unfortunately, ice treatment is an underutilized tool. Given the fact that practitioners all over the world talk the advantages of cold therapy up, Cool Relief focuses on changing the patients’ vision of it. Before applying our pain relievers, you should get familiar with the particular effects of icing:

  • Bleeding control.
  • Prevention or decreasing of swelling and inflammation.
  • Tissue temperature decreasing.
  • Muscle spasms reduction.
  • The function of a protective barrier in case of fractures, sprains or strains.
  • Pain alleviation.

The primary objective of the ice treatment is to reduce blood flow to the affected area. Bear in mind that its application is the most helpful for the initial few days. Shoulder ice wraps by Cool Relief are widely recommended to cure a number of shoulder injuries and traumas, including dislocation, separation, joints and rotator cuff damages or even fractures. Once you have applied our ice pack directly to the affected area, it would trigger your recovery right away.

Ultimate Comfort and Effectiveness

At our website, you have a chance to enjoy the extensive product line-up from various brands. Whether you are an athlete suffering from overuse injuries, or a patient, who has recently undergone a shoulder operation, there are best-quality items for any purpose. All Cool Relief cold packs for shoulder are featuring replaceable inserts and special micromesh. In addition to the long-lasting effect, our wraps provide the adequate compression therapy. Moreover, some of our products are microwavable and can be used for heat treatment.

The natural icing is the preferable and harmless way of joint pain soothing. If you require the multi-purpose set of reusable cold wraps, there is no need to look further. With such a kit at hand, you don’t have to waste time and money for purchasing separate items.

Cool Relief finds your satisfaction to be the first priority. Enjoy our prices and prompt services! Should you have any questions, please call (800) 475-1609.