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Ankle/Foot Wraps

Cool Relief's ankle ice wraps provide effective pain relief and reduce swelling for injured ankles, recommended by physicians for their efficiency and convenience. Our ice wraps are soft, flexible, and stay securely in place, making them ideal for both bed rest and mobility, and are an essential for anyone leading an active lifestyle.

Ankle Ice Pack - Ankle/Foot Ice Packs - Cool Relief Ice Wraps
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Ankle Ice Pack

Overview โœ… Find comfort and relief for your anklesโœ… Comprehensive coverage for your upper foot and ankleโœ… Support your recovery with premium materials Description Discover the ultimate solution to ease ankle discomfort with our Ankle Ice Wrap Cold Pack. Crafted to provide effective relief from an...

$33.99   $45.00

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Soft Gel Foot Ice Wrap

Summary โœ”๏ธOne of the best ice wraps to keep at sporting events for athletic injury to the ankle and foot. โœ”๏ธCovers both the ankle and foot with elastic straps to provide cold compression therapy deep into injured areas. Description The adjustable straps allow for the ice wrap to fit most sizes. ...

$29.99   $40.00

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Soft Gel Universal Ice and Heat Wrap, Elbow, Thigh, Ankle, Wrist, and More

Summary โœ… Small yet highly efficient with up to 2 hours of cold compression โœ… Versatile - use on the elbow, forearm, neck, back, thigh, knee, shin, calf, and more โœ… Ideal for relieving pain, headaches, hangovers, fever, and various body aches

$18.99   $25.00

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