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    Ankle/Foot Wraps

    Timely and appropriate treatment can prevent further injury swelling and allow the ligaments to heal faster. Physicians recommend applying ice bags to injured areas to reduce inflammation and relieve the pain.

    Benefits of Using an Ankle Ice Wrap

    Coolrelief offers an excellent choice of ankle brace ice packs designed for injured ankles. Ice wraps we supply are soft, flexible and easy to use. They perfectly stay in place, allowing you to move around in bed without sliding off. You can even walk around with it if you need to. Among other benefits, ankle ice wrap helps to:

    • Prevent further ankle pain and swelling;
    • Keep the joint stationary, thus supporting the sprained ankle;
    • Prevent fingers from going numb.

    Ice packs for ankle injuries are less messy than a bag of ice cubes from your fridge. What’s more, they are gentle on the skin. Ankle ice packs are a must-have not only for individuals who exercise regularly but for all the people living a mobile lifestyle. Browse our website to explore various types of ankle ice pads our store offers.