Knee Wraps

Types of Ice Packs for Knees

Depending on a type of knee problem, there are different types of ice packs for knees. At Cool Relief, we sell knee ice wraps of several types: soft gel knee ice wraps, cold wraps, and large ice wraps. These items are reusable and perfect for athletes and runners experiencing knee pain. The cold wraps provide good coverage and compression ensured by knee sleeves containing lightweight polymer crystals. They also keep cold for at least 2 hours. If you purchase additional cold pack inserts, you will be able to enjoy cold therapy without interruption. Ice packs with fillable screw cap ice bag inserts are great to use during various athletic events.

Soothing and Efficient Ice Wraps for Knees

When buying our soft gel knee ice wraps online at our store, you will get to enjoy affordable rates and top-quality products. Cool Relief products are made according to the required standards. They can be applied to injuries without any hesitation. No medical training or prescription needed to use an ice pack. Our products offer convenience and relief.

Why Should I Use Ice Therapy for Knees?

Injured knees need to be wrapped tight to prevent from movement that can be potentially dangerous and worsen the overall condition of an injured knee. You can engage in your daily activities or physical rehabilitation without experiencing much pain. A knee ice wrap will hold your knee in place steadily and securely. Furthermore, the ice in it constricts blood vessels and reduces swelling. It also gives a soothing effect and relieves joint pain. Gel Ice wraps also serve as a first aid for knee injuries.

How to Properly Apply an Ice Wrap for Knee

It’s important not to move an injured leg and apply an ice pack as gently as possible. Reusable ice packs for knees should be frozen to apply when needed. Our ice packs come in comfortable sleeves that should gently be wrapped around a knee. In case of injury, get an ice pack from your freezer, put it in the sleeve, and wrap it around your injured knee. It’s as easy as that. There’s no need to use a cloth or a towel with the sleeve. The adjustable straps provide firm compression without causing mobility difficulties. You can use the ice packs to relieve joint pain as well.

Features of Cool Relief Knee Ice Packs

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Reusable
  • Flexible
  • Easy to apply and comfortable to wear
  • Have adjustable straps for custom fit
  • Provide good compression
  • Extra ice inserts available for purchase to prolong cold therapy
  • Cold wraps are designed to cover knee joint and the knee cap area
  • Universal care for both knees