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3 Things You Must Adhere to for Speedy Recovery after a Hip Replacement Surgery

3 Things You Must Adhere to for Speedy Recovery after a Hip Replacement Surgery

When the quality of life starts getting hampered by that aching hip, it is probably time to undergo a hip replacement surgery. It is really difficult to go about your daily routine and enjoy the activities that you love with a stiff hip. Constant pain doesn’t allow you to play with your grandkids for long or take a walk in the park. Hip replacement surgery is undoubtedly the most crucial step to ease that pain. The procedure is not uncommon and thousands of people undergo the same annually. For the procedure to have the desired result, there are things that you must diligently follow during the recovery period. For starters, find the best ice pack for hip replacement surgery.    

The ultimate success of any surgery, including a hip replacement surgery, depends on how successful the recovery process is and that is why you must adhere to the following 3 tips to ensure long-term mobility and health. Read on:

1. Exercising right is really needed. Most patients start walking by the next day of their surgery and most resume day-to-day activities after 4 to 6 weeks. Incorporating a healthy exercise regime into your recovery period helps you come out stronger. Gradually increase walking, standing and sitting, squeeze your thigh and calf, try and climb stairs among other light household activities. Consistency is the key here! The advantages of a hip ice pack wrap are many, so, make proper use of it.

2. Gaining excessive weight puts unnecessary stress on your new hip prosthesis which eventually increases the risk of complication. You must pay attention to your diet and keep your weight in check. Maintain a healthy body weight to enhance the lifespan of the prosthesis.

3. It is given that post surgery your mobility and ability to go about routine tasks will be constricted. So, making the required practical modifications to your living space prior to the procedure is a smart move. These modifications will ensure that essential commodities are easily accessible to you. Having someone around to help you with routine tasks such as bathing, cleaning, cooking, and running day-to-day errands is also important.

Trying to find the best ice pack for hip replacement surgery for extra relief post the procedure? At Cool Relief, we provide hip ice wraps at affordable pricing. There are many advantages of a hip ice pack wrap. Ours is easy to use and enhances the healing process.  

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