Pain Relief Guide

Get pain relief and prevent muscle contraction with Cool Relief ice wraps for knees

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The best ice wraps for knees provide great relief against inflammation. They allow the swollen tissues to soothe. With ice packs, you can deal with the pain that results from a medical condition, an injury, or just fatigue. If you want to buy knee ice packs, there are several options available for different types of knee problems at Cool Relief. 

Why is ice good for knee injuries

As running is a sport of repetitive movement this movement also comes with the wear and tear of muscles and joints in the body.  Ice is well-known to be the best treatment for addressing inflammation of running and many other associated injuries. Ice has been known to relieve pain and reduce swelling effectively for many decades.

Soft Gel Packs at Cool Relief

Soft gel packs are different than other types of icing methods in that they conform more comfortably to an affected area.  The soft gel packs made by cool relief include ice pillows inserted into the gel pack to keep them colder just as long as traditional ice pouches or segmented ice sheets.

R.I.C.E. Recovery Method

The R.I.C.E. Recovery Method is one of the best methods to use when treating many different injuries.  What it means?

Best Ice Wraps for Injuries

With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to find the best ice wraps for injuries you may have. Many factors can play a role in which typ...

How to Avoid Cryoburn

People sometimes look past the purchase of an ice wrap to simply save some cash. Some individuals use ice in a washcloth, a bag of frozen peas, some even just use ice in a plastic wrap. The problem with these methods of icing is that many of them don’t include safety measures to avoid “cryoburn” to the skin.

All Natural Ice Therapy Pain Remedy

The cost of artificial pain medication can quickly add up as well, especially without insurance. An ice pack is a renewable resource that can be efficient and reusable, it will never run out.

Information About Ankle and Foot Pain

While some foot and ankle injuries can be severe enough to undergo surgery or other types of invasive procedures to that area, most ankle and foot pain is simply due to sprains and strains from twists or rolls in the ankle or foot. Sprains and strains in the ankle and foot area are caused by hyperextension of the ligaments in the joints and surrounding area.

Information About Shoulder Pain

Many individuals with shoulder pain tend to acquire it over an extended time of stress however a lot of times it is from a sudden onset due to a hit or a blow to the region. There are several ways the ligaments in the shoulder can be torn; most commonly the overextension or hyperextension of a ligament is what causes it to tear.

Information About Jaw Pain

Jaw injuries and associated ailments can be extremely painful, because the muscles and joints in the jaw are constantly in use. Whether it’s chewing food or speaking, chances are, you are moving your jaw a good majority of the day and sometimes even at night if grinding or clicking occur in your sleep.

Information About Knee Pain

There are many methods for reducing the pain and swelling linked with knee injuries such as ACL damage.

Information About Back Pain

Of the many different ways we can acquire back pain, common problems are chronic issues such as overuse and pain in the lower back.  Lower back pain is many times the outcome of continuous heavy lifting or awkward lifting and prolonged periods of upright stance on the feet without cushion.