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5 Common Hip Injuries In Athletes That Are Not Muscle Strain

hip injuries
Hip pain is a condition that troubles not only older adults but also the young. In fact, it is among the common causes of discomfort and pain in athletes. In the past, hip pain symptoms were usually attributed to muscle strain injuries, which is quite common, but there are other types of hip injuries that affect athletes’ health and performance.

When achy hip troubles you, use a hip ice wrap to alleviate the pain and schedule an appointment with your doctor for a proper diagnosis and starting an effective treatment plan without delay.

We have listed a few conditions that result in hip pain and discomfort:

Hip Bursitis

When the fluid-filled sacs called bursae in your body are inflamed, you develop bursitis. Bursae reduce friction between your muscles, tendons, and bones by providing cushioning. Inflammation of the bursa located near your hip joint is referred to as trochanteric bursitis. The condition leads to pain with movement.

Trochanteric bursitis is quite a common occurrence among sportspersons who have to place extreme, prolonged pressure on their hip joints while playing. Hockey, football, and soccer players are susceptible to the condition.

Hip bursitis can be treated with hip ice wraps, physical therapy, and steroid injections.

Hip Pointer

Contusion or a bruise points out to an injured tissue region that has ruptured blood capillaries. If blunt force impact gives you a contusion, you also experience pain and swelling along with skin discoloration.

If you are hurt by a direct blow around the hip’s outside, your ilium is injured, which is the hip’s largest bone. In athletes, the injury is referred to as hip pointers. Doctors recommend the RICE recovery method.

Stress Fracture

In long-distance runners, hip stress fractures are frequent. The fracture is basically in the thigh bone’s (femur) upper neck. The reason is repetitive stress on the hips, which results in compression and eventually microfractures.

Non-surgical treatments are usually recommended by doctors for hip stress fractures. Rest and use of crutches are advised for quick recovery. For relief from the pain, cold treatments with hip ice pack wrap prove to be effective.

Hip Labral Tear

A labrum is a cuff of thick tissue. The hip labrum surrounds your hip’s socket that supports your hip joint. A labral tear causes a piece of the tissue to pinch the joint, resulting in pain.

Usually, hip labral tears are treatable with physical therapy, RICE, and steroid injections. In cases where it does not respond to these conservative treatments, hip arthroscopy may be required.

Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis is common in older athletes who have endured various injuries during their careers. Osteoarthritis is typically most common.

While in most cases, hip arthritis is treated with activity modifications, physical therapy, NSAIDs, but severe cases may need surgery, such as hip osteotomy, hip arthroscopy, arthrodesis, hip resurfacing, or hip replacement. Use ice packs to reduce pain post-surgery. Also, after undergoing surgery, it is best to first consult your doctor before resuming sports activities.

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