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Cold Compression Mechanisms to Heal Injuries

Cold Compression Mechanisms to Heal Injuries

The golden rule of first aid for a sprain is RICE- rest, ice, compression, and elevation. It has a proven effect in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation in the injured area. However, have you ever wondered how does this technique work? What goes in the mechanism? Let us dig in deep in the biological insights of the mechanism.

What happens during a sprain?

The human body is a complex structure of bones and muscles connected to provide support and stability. Our bones are arranged in such a fashion that one end remains stable, and the other end moves as a result of muscle contraction. These skeletal muscles comprise of thousands of blood vessels and nerves as soon as these tiny nerve cells receive a signal, muscles contract. During a sprain, a ligament that connects bones and muscles undergo trauma. The small blood vessels or capillaries rupture as a result causing pain and inflammation in the area. The injured may suffer from pain, swelling, and discomfort in moving the area. The most commonly affected area by sprains is ankle and wrist joints. Factors like accidents, trips, and falls can cause tear and put a strain on the muscles to anyone.

How does an ice wrap help?

The use of ice wraps has profound evidence in the cryotherapy literature. Our body’s defense mechanism gets activated as soon as a traumatic event takes place. The white blood cells start rushing to the spot of the injury to start the repair work; his increase in blood flow results in swelling and increased pain. Cold therapy is used to manage this pain in the affected area. The ice reduces blood flow and avoids swelling and inflammation. It is a quick and efficient way to cope with the injury before prior treatment. It is important to note that ice wraps or cold therapy are a pain management technique, to treat the sprain further medical procedures must follow. If you are an athlete and frequently suffer from injuries, it is advisable to buy knee ice wraps online or from the nearest store. Look for offers to buy the best ice wraps for knees.

Final thoughts

Ice wraps are effective in reducing pain and swelling. Cool Relief offers a range of ice wraps that provide excellent coverage and are reusable. Visit their online store to explore their collection of ice packs for the knee.

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