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Hot and Cold Cryotherapy Knee Injury Wrap for Bursitis

Hot and Cold Cryotherapy Knee Injury Wrap for Bursitis

The enhanced product incorporates a non-toxic cryotherapy gel that remains flexible after freezing, retaining its cooling properties longer than comparable products. The breathable mesh fabric protects the skin against ice burn, while the elastic straps allow for universal fitting.

Having supplied products to hospitals and surgical centers throughout the US, Cool Relief developed its latest hot and cold therapy wrap to provide longer-lasting relief from muscle and joint pain. The products can be used to treat a variety of knee injuries, such as bursitis and sprains.

Healthline.comΒ explains how cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, helps treat knee injuries. By reducing blood flow to an area, inflammation and swelling will be significantly reduced, helping to manage associated pain. Alternatively, heat therapy can increase blood flow, soothe muscles and encourage healing.

Cool Relief’s improved gel pack for knee injuries uses a thick fleece material to stay cool for longer, providing additional pain relief. As skin and other tissues can be damaged by direct contact with frozen items, the company has also developed a fabric to protect against such risks.

Additional features of the product include its potential to be used as a heat wrap following 3 minutes of heating in a microwave oven. Gel pack inserts are also replaceable, and the fabrics used are washable.

About Cool Relief LLC

Along with knee packs, Cool Relief offers wearable shoulder wraps, hip wraps, back wraps, ankle wraps, wrist wraps, and more. The entire product range is supported by replaceable gel pack inserts, most allowing it to be used as dual-purpose hot and cold therapy treatments. The company’s website also offers a range of pain relief and injury management articles.

One user of Cool Relief products recently stated: β€œI did my research on this type of product and read the reviews. I bought a Cool Relief ice wrap the week before my recent left hip total replacement surgery. The product works great. The wrap system is beneficial, with adjustable Velcro straps that keep it right where you want it.”

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