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Ice Your Foot Injury with 4 Simple Steps

Ice Your Foot Injury with 4 Simple Steps

Everyone experiences pain. It can be a headache, sprained ankle, torn ligament, and so on. It’s a part of life. Thankfully, we have several treatment options for different kinds of pain. In case of a foot injury, our body responds in its own way to indicate that discomfort is there. While there are many medications for pain relief, sometimes, it may still not be enough. This is where foot ice packs come to play. Icing is a skill and to master it requires adequate knowledge and technique. Icing an injury helps tremendously in decreasing the sensation and severity of pain. Each injury is different and so, these steps will prove functional when icing an injury.

1. Instantly apply cold therapy

Unlike heating, cold therapy works well when applied immediately. The application must be done with careful attention. Consult a doctor or medical professional who can guide you with the amount of icing that’s required for your injury. Gradually, you can transit from cold therapy to heat therapy that formulates the circulation of blood flow. Well, it’s no surprise that ice can be difficult to handle if not used properly. Make it easy with the help of foot ice wraps that hold the ice appropriately and has an easy-grip that will soothe your injury in no time.

2. R.I.C.E principle

Speed your recovery with the infamous R I C E principle. R- Rest, I-Ice, C-Compression, E-Elevation, is quite an effective method to comfort the affected area at home. If you’re seeking recovery or relief, to say the least, apply this method and you’ll feel the results. Firstly, avoid as much stress as you can because the injured area requires to be protected from harsh conditions. Secondly, ice it with the help of foot ice packs that are way more convenient than simply using ice directly on the skin. Next, compression provides the necessary support and reduces swelling. Last but not least- elevate the injured area above heart level to ensure proper circulation of blood.

3. Massage all over

Now that we know how beneficial ice is to reduce the pain of an injury, know how to massage it. Massage it frequently all over the affected area and don’t allow it to sit on one spot. It’s so because ice kept at the same spot for long can cause redness and even more discomfort. So, it’s essential to use it the right way.

4. Keep a track of time

The procedure of icing is not meant for long hours. It just takes- 15 to 20 minutes, no further. Again, the longer you use ice on your skin, the more it causes damage to tissues such as frostbite. Performing an ice massage is secure and very effective. In this way, you can ensure that your skin and soft tissues are not damaged.

How you deal with pain is in your hands. With these simple and easy to follow steps one can effortlessly achieve pain relief; just the application must be appropriate. You can purchase foot ice packs of high quality and different variants from Cool Relief online.

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