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Information About Back Pain

Information About Back Pain

     Back pain can have an array of different causes. Whether it’s sudden back pain from an athletic impact injury or chronic back pain due to continuous heavy lifting or prolonged hours of standing upright, many individuals suffer from some form of back pain at some point throughout their life. The spine can suffer from such injuries as ruptured, misaligned, or bulging disks which act as a cushion between the vertebrae. These injuries can cause an extreme amount of pain all the way from the base of the spine to the upper back and neck area with even the slightest movements.  

     Of the many different ways we can acquire back pain, common problems are chronic issues such as overuse and pain in the lower back.  Lower back pain is many times the outcome of continuous heavy lifting or awkward lifting and prolonged periods of upright stance on the feet without cushion. Injuries to the back are very common for people in careers which involve continuous heavy lifting or physical stress at an upbeat pace. Delivery and logistics careers, construction careers, and other careers such as fire and safety positions which require pressure on the back are potentially all jobs in which back pain can occur. Most often back pain is a chronic issue which occurs over time from exposure of the back and spine to stress from these and other activities.
     Another way back pain can occur is due to a sudden or traumatic injury such as a fall or an impact to the spine. We often hear of people throwing their back out. When you throw your back out, it’s usually due to an awkward and jolting motion to the spine. Often, it’s unknown what the specific cause of this pain is. Even doctors can have trouble finding the specific cause of pain with a physical examination of the back and spine. There are simply many things that can go wrong, including a fracture, a misaligned or forced out of place disk, or even a ruptured disk.  
     A very painful cause of back pain is also sciatica and pinched nerves in the spine. Sciatica typically occurs in the lower back and its pain is caused by pinched nerves at the lower end or base of the spine. This can cause problems in the buttocks and even the legs depending on the severity of the issue. Causes are likely due to the compression of the vertebrae and can be corrected with a spinal surgery.
     Whichever type of back pain you might be suffering, you are not alone. Many people have issues with back pain and there are several methods and remedies to help reduce pain and any swelling that might occur. Look into ice packs and ice wraps for back pain for help. And search our other articles for more information. If issues are chronic in nature often times natural remedies can help lessen any pain, however if sudden or traumatic injury happens, it may be best to have surgery. Talk to a healthcare professional for more information about your specific back pain.  Try one of these helpful back ice wrap products!

If you have suffered any amount of impairment to the back or spine, there are several ways to reduce pain associated with the injury. Whether it happens to be pain in the lower back, the upper back, or the neck, a compressed ice wrap on the affected area can help reduce any pain or swelling that may occur. Several ice wraps are available at to help with these issues and more. Chronic back pain from heavy lifting can be aided with a back brace to help support the spine upon heavy or awkward lifts. Other Chronic issues such as prolonged periods of stance can be aided with cushioned mats or ergonomic shoe inserts designed to help the back and spine. 
     Back pain is also common in people who sit for extended periods of time. The spine over time can even develop mild scoliosis from awkwardly sitting in crouched over or in other uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. This is why lumbar support can be so important. Lumbar support helps give the lower part of the spin the correct curvature as you sit in a chair or seat. Many people will even put a pillow at the base of their back if they sit in uncomfortable chairs causing awkward spine alignment. Many stores however sell simple attachments made with elastics and other materials that are made to stretch around many chairs. This can be an extreme benefit for the reduction of back pain.
     Other reasons for back pain that are more traumatic or sudden in nature can be corrected with ice and compression depending on the severity of the issue, however  most times people opt to undergo corrective surgery or a surgical procedure on the spine. These can be serious surgeries depending on the issues faced but can also permanently reduce back pain if the surgical performance goes well.  Some corrective spine surgeries use bone and other cartilage to correct fractures or misalignments on the spine, others call for titanium or artificial pins and rods to supports areas of the spine which are causing discomfort. This is common in cases of severe scoliosis of the spine, and other forms of spinal injury such as sciatica. 
     Whichever reason back pain has occurred there are many ways to reduce the discomfort.  Back ice packs, lumbar support in the way of back braces and chair pads, or even surgery are all ways of reducing back pain. Just ask your medical practitioner which type is right for you. Check out these back ice pack products and more at!

 Back pain is an issue from which many individuals can suffer. It can be caused by sudden injury, chronic overuse, and many other reasons.  Because so many individuals are exposed to back ailments through yard work, active careers, and athletics, there are many ways to reduce and prevent back pain. Some of the best ways to prevent back pain from occurring are eliminating the activity, wearing back wraps or back braces, using cushion mats, shoe inserts, and using lumbar support while sitting in chairs or cars for long periods of time.
     The best method is removing the activity from your daily functioning and eliminating the stress on the body during that activity. Of course this isn’t always possible due to busy careers and other requirements so many items are made to help people in daily functioning. The aid of these products can greatly reduce the chance of acquiring a long term ailment. 
     Back or spinal support wraps are a very common method of prevention for back injury. You often see warehouse workers and other heavy lifters wearing special back braces to support the spine. This is a very important safety measure, especially when putting the body thorough repetitive stress. Many back support wraps are available for low prices and are definitely worth the benefits they provide. They can save you from long term back problems, back pain, and even back surgery! Next time you go to the gym and see someone lifting a massive amount of weight, you will understand the reason they wear a back brace!
     Office workers and people in careers which don’t put much physical stress on their bodies through daily activities may seem safe from ailments such as these, but they aren’t! Even non active individuals can acquire back pain. If you have a career where you sit in an office and a desk chair for much of your day, make sure you have some type of lumbar support. This can greatly reduce the chance of developing pain similar to athletes and active individuals in the spine. The spine needs lumbar support to keep from pain and developing further issues. These are just a few of the many ways to prevent back pain, for other methods of back pain prevention talk to your healthcare provider and find the method that may be best for you! If you already suffer from some form of back pain, use an ice wrap to help reduce pain and swelling. View our selection of back ice wraps and back pain relief products! 

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