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Soft Gel Packs at Cool Relief

Soft Gel Packs at Cool Relief

Many people use ice wraps for athletic injuries, work related injuries, household injuries, chronic pain and much more. Whether it is rehabilitation and recovery from a traumatic injury, or prevention of chronic pain there are several types of soft gel packs available in the ice wrap industry to aid in a better therapy process.

Soft gel packs are different than other types of icing methods in that they conform more comfortably to an affected area.Β  The soft gel packs made by cool relief include ice pillows inserted into the gel pack to keep them colder just as long as traditional ice pouches or segmented ice sheets.Β  These β€œpillow” inserts can also be directed toward the source of the pain to keep that area of the soft gel pack even cooler than the other areas. Because they are suspended in the gel, the ice is not bulky, or painful on the injury.

The soft gel packs made today are great for very tender injuries. TheyΒ come in handy for recovery from an extensive ligament surgery such as ACL surgery, Rotator Cuff Surgery, or Replacements where the injury site may be very sore for several days. They aren’t hard and solid like other cold pack products so they are perfect for this type of recovery.

As far as comfort, many people agree that the soft gel pack is one of the best cold therapy products there is, simply because of the comfort level. Typically, in rehabilitation or recovery from an injury most people want to go for comfort more than anything else, and a soft gel pack will have it.

As far as Effectiveness, these products get the job done just as well.Β  They stay cold for a comparable amount of time while offering she same amount of compression relief. In fact, some practitioners think that soft products work even better than traditional ice products because they can mold to the skin for a deeper therapeutic recovery.

As for as Price, the soft gel pack is comparable to any other method of ice recovery on the market.Β  Of course it depends on the brand of the cold pack, the quality, and much more. Β has a wonderful selection at excellent prices. We sell soft gel packs from manufactures like our very own Cool Relief, Active Wrap, Trainers Pick, and much more. All products sold at Cool Relief go through a vigorous testing process so we know we are selling the products which are best for our customers. Look into the benefits of a soft gel pack today at Cool Relief.Β 

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