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Some Common Causes of Hip Pain At Night

Some Common Causes of Hip Pain At Night

Many people find it difficult to sleep at night due to their excruciating hip pain. There can be several reasons for the hip pain. You may experience it because of the position you sleep in. Or, the pain can be caused because you do not move much while sleeping. Lack of movement throughout the night can lead to stiffness and pain. There are some medical conditions as well that cause hip pain such as osteoarthritis, sciatic-piriformis syndrome, bursitis, and tendonitis. In this blog, we will take a look at some common causes of hip pain. Let’s get started.

Sleeping Position

If you are among those people who are struggling with sleepless nights because of hip pain, they need to check whether it is the position in which they sleep that is causing the pain or the mattress on which they sleep. It is essential to make sure that your mattress is not too hard or too soft as such mattresses often trigger pressure points, which needless to say, lead to a sore hip. If sleep position is the issue, you can try sleeping on your back. If you prefer sleeping on the side, choose the side that does not cause pain and place a pillow between your knees so that your hips stay aligned.


There are small sacs around our hip bones and other joints. These small sacs contain fluid that helps support the joint when it moves. These small sacs are known as bursae. When bursae become inflamed, you start suffering from the condition known as bursitis. Symptoms of this condition include pain on the outside of the hip and upper thigh, extreme pain especially during the night, experiencing pain when you get up after sitting for a good amount of time, etc.

Types of Arthritis

Although most people experience pain in their hips because of osteoarthritis, other arthritis such as septic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis can also lead to pain during the night in your hips. When you have hip arthritis, you will experience symptoms such as pain while bending, pain in the groin area, pain in the buttocks, hip locking or sticking, etc.

Apart from these, you may experience hip pain during the night because of hip tendonitis, sciatic-piriformis syndrome, pregnancy, etc. To find relief from the pain, you can try altering your sleeping position, use a pillow between your knees, use over-the-counter drugs, and if none of these work, consult a healthcare professional. Follow what your doctor says and use hip ice pack wraps for rapid relief from hip pain. At Cool Relief, you can buy hip ice wraps that cover your hips properly and lets you do your daily tasks comfortably while wearing it.

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