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Summer Heat Getting You Down? We Have a Solution!

Summer Heat Getting You Down? We Have a Solution!

At Cool Relief, we offer refreezable ice bandanas!

Our cold therapy products made with custom-fitted segmented ice inserts are some of the lightest cold pack products available. Our product is excellent for anyone who has to spend several hours out in the heat, from outdoor employees to athletes.

Use the ice bandana to cool down after workouts, sports, and outdoor events. The reusable ice inserts' cooling effect can relieve migraines, tension, and sinus headaches. This ice bandana is perfect for the whole family and even the dog.

Ice Bandana Specifics

bandana, cool relief bandana, headwrap

This lightweight cooling ice bandana helps keep you cool on hot summer days. The smaller size is perfect for treating boo-boos active kids get and fits great around the family dog's neck for a quick cool down after a walk or play.

The Cool Relief Ice Pack cooling bandana provides easy and reusable cold where you need it most. Easy Velcro attachment makes the product versatile for use in many areas. Place the cooling headband in the freezer, and the ice-cold cooling bandana is ready to wear when you need cooling!

Purchase additional ice inserts for hours of cooling effect! Other ice inserts can be stored in ice chests or coolers for portable replacements than can be changed as they thaw.

  • Reusable and Lightweight Cooling
  • Actual Ice Pack so No Water Mess or Dripping


One of the more interesting cold pack inserts is our ice bandanas. Worn around the neck for keeping cool, they can be worn for golfing, walking, running, sitting by the pool, watching little league games, or working in the hot summer sun. They are also incredibly lightweight!

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