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    Shoulder Injuries Things You Should Know

    Shoulder Injuries Things You Should Know

    Shoulder injuries are common among those who are active in sports or diligently follow a workout routine. You must know how to recognize the injury quickly to respond appropriately, like using shoulder ice wraps. That is one of the crucial factors determining the recovery period.

    When you experience pain

    If you exercise regularly, you likely know the difference between pain that accompanies an injury and overwork pain. As soon as you experience a sharp pain that tells you that you have hurt yourself, immediately stop exercising. Pushing through the pain to test your limits is okay, but pushing past an injury is not.

    Do not train for the next few days. Let the joint rest for proper healing. Do apply ice on the injured shoulder. Keep doing this for a couple of weeks. Shoulder ice wraps will come in handy. If you experience pain while moving the shoulder, consult a physician. Severe, sharp pain must always be dealt with by a doctor.

    Some injuries appear later

    Sometimes the symptoms of an injury may not show up immediately. You realize you have been injured hours later or even the following day. There are chances of getting confused about whether the pain is just exercise-related soreness or an injury. Look for these characteristics, when experiencing shoulder pain to determine if you have injured it:

    1. A shaky feeling while lifting weight or weakness in the shoulder.

    2. Stiffness in the shoulder making normal movements difficult.

    3. Pain that hinders you from performing normal activities that are part of your day-to-day routine.

    If any of the above symptoms are there, discontinue the discomfort causing movements. Resting the shoulder may not allow a full recovery. A trip to the physician is recommended. Remember that repetition or overuse injuries are common causes of pain in the shoulders. Continuing with the pain-causing activity will worsen it over time.

    Exercises for better recovery

    Some exercises allow a speedy recovery while building strength without increasing the irritation.

    1. Dumbbell Curls- Use a lightweight to stabilize the shoulder muscles. Let the heaviest weight sit. Starting light is a must. Gradually work your way up.

    2. Wall Push-Ups- This is great for building strength and stabilizing your shoulder. Try to move deep into the push-up without putting strain on your shoulders. Slowly work deeper into the movement. When your strength starts increasing, move the push-ups to tabletops, countertops, and other lower surfaces.

    3. Elastic or Resistance Band- Attach the band to a doorway and gently pull it towards yourself.

    4. Stretching- A thorough stretching will help you maintain movement in your joint making it easier to eventually get back to your day-to-day activities.

    Returning to regular practice

    When you finally return to regular practice or game schedule, you need to keep certain things in mind. Do not lift the heaviest weights or do maximum reps the first day itself. Increase your intensity gradually. Stretch carefully before as well as after each practice. Both dynamic and static stretches are crucial to ensure proper mobility. Keep using shoulder ice wraps as needed.

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