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5 Common Symptoms Of A Knee Injury

Knee Injury

The knee is susceptible to many types of injuries - including tears, sprains, dislocations, fractures, and other injuries. When not addressed on time, it affects the person’s ability to walk, run, kneel, and even stand. Athletes and occasional exercisers are highly recommended to wear correct equipment for their sport and engage in proper form and technique to prevent knee sprains, overuse, and other possible injuries.

The symptoms of a knee injury vary - from stiffness to swelling - depending on the cause of injury. Some of the most common symptoms include:


The most common symptom of knee injury is pain. When the pain is dull and throbbing, the person has sustained mild sprain. But sharp and constant pain indicate severely injured knee and require immediate doctor’s attention. Typically, the knee pain subsides when the leg is at rest but returns with the slightest of movement.


Generally, a knee sprain is followed by swelling. The amount of swelling present indicates the severity of the injury. It also suggests how long it has been since the person has sustained the sprain.

Limited mobility

Localized swelling and weakness in the affected ligament(s) limit mobility. Athletes who have sustained the injury experience sharp, acute pain while bending the knee.

Inability to hold the bodyweight

Ligament tear, knee Inflammation, and tenderness make it difficult for the knee joint to bear the weight of the body.

Popping sound

An audible popping sound is a clear indication of a knee injury. The person hears a snapping sound at the moment the sprain has occurred. It suggests that one or more of the four ligaments has torn at the time of injury.

A low-grade knee sprain can be treated at home with a knee ice wrap and complete rest for a day or two.

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