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Period Talk: Ease Those Cramps With These Effective Tips

Period Talk: Ease Those Cramps With These Effective Tips

With the premenstrual symptoms (PMS) starting up to 14 days before the actual periods and the post-menstrual cycle lasting up to a week, women are more or less left with only one week of sanity. To be honest, the tiny, little ovaries are enough to cause havoc on a woman minus all the external life factors and people problems.Β 

Tension, anxiety, depression, headache, fatigue, mood swings, irritatibility are a few synonymous terms across every woman’s life. And let’s not forget about the much dreaded period cramps. With the pandemic upending our lives and the pressure to meet task deadlines, do household chores while handling electricity, wifi-and other technical troubles, it can be an overwhelming process.

Amidst this chaos, even self-care can feel like work! From using your ice wraps for knee, heating pads to cinnamon tea and more, we will sharing some effective ways to deal with your cramps and flow.


If you are someone who suffers from heavy period flow, your ice wraps for knee come in handy here. Place it over your lower abdomen area for at least 15 to 20 minutes (but not more than it) to reduce and regulate the blood flow.


The dynamic hormonal cycle combined with a heavy flow, stress, and mood swings call for warm soothing teas. Brew yourself a cup of nice herbal tea to alleviate stress, anxiety, and reduce flow. Use raspberry, chamomile, chaste tree berry, and quai for the concoction. Cinnamon tea is another great way to decrease the heavy period flow and reduce inflammation.


NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) including advil, ibuprofen among others should be take prior to the pain. The NSAIDS effectively dampen the levels of prostaglandins responsible for pain and cramping. Doctors recommend that its best to pop the pill at leats 12 hours before the pain starts. In addition to the cramps, these are effective against the menstrual migraines as well.


Heating pads are another effective way to ease the pain. Invest in a quality heating pad and place it on your lower abdomen to relax your uterine muscle tissue for easing cramps. Long warm baths are undoubtedly therapeutic and relaxing. Use some bath salts combined with essential oils such as lavender, primrose, jasmine, lemon grass, or any other type.


Certain relaxative yoga techniques including child’s pose, reclining spinal twist, inverted leg pose, sitting head to knee forward bend, reclined bound angle, and wide angle seated forward bend will help you regulate and provide relief from the pain.

Stay away from salty and additive-containing food items including packaged food and junk items. Bite on some dark chocolate for sugary cravings, drink loads of water and curl up to enjoy some NetFlix! For quality heating pads and ice wraps, head on to our online inventory. Take care!

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