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Pitchers Ice Pack Shoulder Wrap
Athletic Shoulder Ice Wrap | Perfect for Pitchers

Athletic Flexible Shoulder Ice Wrap

Cool Relief

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The Shoulder and Upper Arm Ice Pack, Cold Wrap offers pain relief for overuse injuries and post-operative arm/shoulder care. This shoulder ice pack is the best product on the market for rehabilitation and is the ideal product for athletic injury. With an extended cold therapy time of up to 2 hours and Cool Relief’s revolutionary interchangeable ice insert system, this is the perfect product to keep on the sidelines at athletic events. The segmented ice insert freezes solid, offering firmer support to the injury. This ice pack will cover the entire shoulder and the upper arm area and can fit both left and right shoulders.  

This item includes: 
(1) Shoulder and upper arm micromesh/soft foam sleeve with adjustable elastic strap
(1) Detachable elastic shoulder strap 
(1) Lower arm/elbow strap 
(1) Segmented Ice Insert for each compartment 

Help relieve pain from these common ailments and more:

  • Adhesive capsulitis/frozen shoulder
  • Post workout muscle recovery
  • Rotator cuff injuries and shoulder tendinitis
  • Post-op shoulder pain and swelling