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3 Common Causes of Jaw Pain

Ice Wrap for Jaw Pain or Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Many people experience jaw pain at some point in their life for a variety of reasons. It could be a sign of something as common as a toothache or sinus infection or something as serious as a coronary artery disease. In some cases, it's a direct result of an injury to the jaw bone. In rare cases, your jaw pain can be caused by unknown reasons that require a proper doctor diagnosis.Β 

Let’s look at a few common causes of jaw pain:

  • TMJ disorders

TMJ, short for temporomandibular joints, are like sliding hinges that connect your jawbone to the skull and let you open and close your mouth. TMJ disorders are one of the most common causes of jaw pain in people of all ages. According to statistics, almost 1 in 8 develops jaw pain because of TMJ disorders. When it comes to causes of TMJ disorders, they may vary from injury to the jawbone to inflammation in the muscles around your jaw to grinding teeth to certain conditions such as arthritis. If you experience jaw pain resulting from TMJ disorders, consider applying a jaw ice pack to promote healing and get pain relief.Β 

  • Dental problems

Dental problems, such as toothache, tooth sensitivity, gum disease, and others, can also lead to jaw pain and discomfort. When you notice problems in your mouth, it’s best to get the right treatment right away by seeing a skilled dentist. To ease the pain while you get the treatment, you can apply a jaw ice wrap.Β 

  • Trauma

A blow to the jaw is another common cause of excruciating pain in and around the jaw. It can knock your jaw out of place or even break it, requiring immediate medical attention. The symptoms of trauma to the jaw are bruises, loose or knocked-out teeth, swelling, and pain. If the pain is bearable and there is no severe damage, you can apply a jaw ice pack to ease the pain. However, if you can’t open your mouth or move your jaw, you need medical attention as soon as possible.

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