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Common Football Related Foot And Ankle Injuries

Common Football Related Foot And Ankle Injuries

Football players continue to learn new tricks to score a goal or defend the post, and so does the risk of injuries. It’s no brainer that the sport’s rough nature gives birth to a multitude of injuries, while the foot and ankle region their most common victims.

When you don’t want common foot and ankle injuries to stop you from preparing for this upcoming football season and becoming a renowned player, it’s essential to stay educated and learn how to recover from them.

Read here the types of injuries that football players experience.

Ankle Sprain

A tear to the ligaments that surround the bones that connect the legs to the foot results in an ankle sprain. It’s one of the most common injuries that a football player suffers from while running, jumping, or falling. To treat ankle sprains, use ankle ice packs that provide instant relief from the pain. In case, you don’t feel any improvement, seek orthopedic treatment.

Turf Toe

The sprain of the big toe joint is known as turf toe. It earned the named after the prevalence of the injury while playing on turf, or artificial grass. The injury occurs when the player’s toe is extended beyond its limit or range of motion. Another cause that results in the injury is continually pushing of the toes while running. Besides using ice packs, it’s suggested to treat the turf toe using the RICE method that includes Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Jones Fracture

A break between the middle part of the fifth metatarsal and the base of the foot is known as Jones Fracture. The fifth metatarsal is a long bone connected to the smallest toe. Football players typically suffer from the injury due to repetitive motion, overuse, and stress on the bone. It may also occur after rolling the ankle while tackling. To treat the Jones fracture, it’s recommended to wear foot support for at least six weeks.

These were some of the common foot and ankle injuries that football players experience during practice and while on the ground. Always keep ice packs for ankle and foot with you to instantly treat such injuries and avoid long-term pain.


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